Rover Found Himself Trapped In A Storm Drain And Praying For Help. Just When Things Began To Look Hopeless, He Sees His Savior

February 23, 2018

Rover is a gorgeous Australian Cattle Dog who decided to wander away from his Tucson home. He soon found himself in quite a pickle, however, after losing his collar and meandering his way into places that he definitely should have stayed far far away from! It wasn’t until he found himself trapped in a storm drain that he knew just how much trouble he had gotten himself into.

He knew that he had gotten himself into a really bad spot, and began to whimper and cry, hoping that someone would soon come to save him. Luckily, his cries soon drew the attention of a passerby who knew that the little dog was in serious need of help. With a few phone calls, rescuers were on their way to the pup!

It wasn’t long before Rover was finally freed from the drain, and on his way home. Unfortunately, as he’d lost his collar and he wasn’t microchipped, he did have to spend a few days at the shelter before his owners saw his rescue on television and came to claim him. They’d been searching high and low, and were so glad to be reunited!