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Royal Baby #3 Birth Will Go Exactly Like This! That Is, Assuming Everything Goes According To Highly Intricate Birth Plan

March 29, 2018

St. Mary’s Hospital of London has one very massive event coming up here in the next few weeks and after an interview with Us Weekly, it’s safe to say that they are well prepped and rehearsed for the long-awaited arrival of Royal Baby #3!

March 28th led the public to a massive clue when a small sign that read “wet paint” hung outside of the Lindo Wing at the hospital. This was so significant because the Lindo Wing steps are where Prince George and Princess Charlotte were first announced with photographs. That could only mean one thing: Baby #3 would have the same backdrop!

Since then, an insider has confirmed that the Duchess will be delivering her little one at St. Mary’s! The source also revealed a very intricate birth plan for the day of the little royal’s birth and let’s just say that every single possibility has been given impeccable attention.

Here’s how the day is scheduled to go according to the royal insider!

Once the Duchess goes into labor at the palace, she and William will be on their way to St. Mary’s Lindo Wing. At that time, two phone calls will be made: one to the Lindo Staff and one to Kate’s brother, sister-in-law and her mother. Kate’s family will take care of Prince George and Princess Charlotte after Kate and William head to the hospital.

The hospital staff, fittingly called, “The Baby Team,” will only have five minutes notice before Kate arrives. This is to ensure that no one “tips off” members of the press. The team involves medical staff, media personnel, security, and even a janitorial team. Kate and William will remain in their luxury suite where Kate will give birth to Royal Baby #3! Yay!

After the birth, a media personnel will deliver the news to Buckingham Palace where the baby’s birth date,  time, sex, and weight, will be posted on an easel outside Buckingham Palace. An official announcement will also be made on social media.

After the baby has arrived, Kate and the baby will have some time together, during which she is expected to recover and rest. Once she feels comfortable to go home, she and William will prepare for the highly anticipated photograph on the steps of the Lindo Wing, just as the did for her other two children. The insider shares that “Depending on how Kate feels, it’s hoped she can return home the same day or the following morning.” We hope she feels great!

After Kate returns home, she is expected to rest and enjoy her newborn. She will have a medical team on palace grounds as well as assistance from her family and her children’s nanny, Maria!


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