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Royal Baby Number 3 Is Set To Receive Thousands Of Toys, But The Palace Strictly Forbids Them For A Reason You’d Never Expect

April 20, 2018

There is little else flooding the news outlets these past few weeks as much as news concerning the impending arrival of Royal Baby #3. It seems as though it is one of the most highly anticipated births of the decade, and, for a good reason!

The proud parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, are some of the most influential people on the planet. Anything that concerns them is quite intriguing. Their other children, Prince George (4) and Princess Charlotte (2) are as anxious for their littlest sibling to arrive as anyone!

With the birth so very near, Kensington Palace is in baby preparation mode. Not only are they preparing for the little one to arrive, but they’re also gearing up for other items to arrive as well. When a royal baby is born, many leaders, monarchs, businesses, and town citizens send an overwhelming amount of gifts for the baby.

According to sources, when Prince George was born, he received over 700 gifts during his first year and 671 while visiting Australia and New Zealand. Prince William holds the family record for most accumulated gifts, though. He received a whopping 4,200 after his birth.

While these gestures are greatly appreciated by the family, the little one will never have a chance to appreciate a single gift. Members of the royal family are strictly forbidden to accept unsolicited gifts, meaning the child will never get to see or play with a single one they’ve been gifted.

All the thoughtfully selected items aren’t wasted, though. They’re each carefully cataloged and put into storage. Some are even taken out and donated to charities or children’s hospitals.

One source elaborated on the protocol: “It’s just a common practice in the Royal household that they do not accept unsolicited gifts because there are so many repercussions.” While the little ones may never see the gifts given by others, they will fully know just how much they’re loved and appreciated by individuals worldwide.

We cannot wait for baby number three to arrive! What is your guess? Boy or girl?


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