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Royal Butler Reveals Staggering Secrets About Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle, Proving Just Who They Feel Was Destined For Life At The Palace

May 15, 2018

There are few things that dominate the news quite like the British royal family. The life they live is so drastically different than anything with which we are to accustomed that it fascinates us all the more. Their life has been anything but dull as of late, and their reasons for making headlines are certainly noteworthy.

Prince William and Kate Middleton recently welcomed a precious little prince into the world on April 23 and, up until his birth, that was certainly the talk of the internet. We’ve all moved on to the wedding of the decade as we patiently await May 19th when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially tie the knot.

Now that Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s second son will soon marry, this leads a great number of people to compare their wives. Kate could not be more opposite, but they have both seemingly fit into the family perfectly.

Royal Butler, Russell Grant, divulged some details about the women that many have long wondered. Neither woman was brought up in a palace like their significant others were, so many have questioned if they were well suited for the royal life.

Grant believes that Meghan’s introduction to life in the palace will be a great deal different than what Kate experienced.

In an interview, he said, “When the Duchess of Cambridge married into the family, she was British, she went to St. Andrews, she has a good education. She was up on that, dare I say it, ‘royal way of life.’ She wasn’t a stranger to it, she understood what she was expecting. It wasn’t second nature but it wasn’t difficult.”

For the American actress, things are quite a bit different. “With Meghan, it’s a completely different upbringing. The positives for Meghan I think is the duty of royalty has to have an element of acting about it - you have to put on a brave face, put the best foot forward, smile, say the right thing. I think she’ll find it quite easy. I think she’ll have her own take on it.”

With this in mind, this puts any doubts one would have to rest. Though her background and life is much different than Kate’s, she has already made a lasting impact on the family. Her differences help make the palace a well-rounded and diverse environment. Her strengths will certainly come into play as she navigates her way through the beginning stages of royalty.


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