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Royal Family Fears Prince Philip Wont Make It To The Royal Wedding. Only Days Away, They Are Praying For A Miracle

May 15, 2018

The royal wedding is only hours away and the world can hardly wait to watch as Britain's Prince Harry ties the knot with American actress, Meghan Markle. However, those closest to the groom and have been experiencing less than ideal emotions as the day approaches. 

The Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip, Prince Harry's grandfather, may not be in attendance for the big day. Especially if things don't change soon. 

The Duke, who is 96-years-old, underwent a hip replacement only weeks ago. For anyone, massive surgery like a hip replacement can be a major set back. But for a 96-year-old, the recovery process may never fully end with full healing. When Prince Philip was admitted to the hospital for the surgery on April 4th, his friends and family and the British people were terrified. Even The Queen was fearful of the worst. 


It was reported that Prince Philip's surgery went along well; he stayed in the hospital for only a few hours after surgery before being transferred back to Windsor Castle, where he would continue his recovery process. 

Prince Philip has had an exceptionally busy schedule for nearly the last 65 years since his wife became Queen. Over the last couple of years, his health has steadily declined. In the last couple of months, in particular, he's been forced to miss several royal events due to his poor health. 

Since being moved back to Windsor, no word from officials has been given regarding whether Prince Philip will be in attendance at his grandson's wedding. While he's been recuperating on the same royal grounds, the lengthy ceremony and festivities of the joyous day might just be too much for the recovering prince. 

Officials have not confirmed whether or not Prince Philip will be there, and very little has been shared about his recovery process. Reports have speculated that the family is praying that his health is at a good place come May 19th. 

Please pray for Prince Philip as he has not officially been confirmed as a guest for the big day. What do you think about this? Please share this story on Facebook to raise awareness and join us in praying for the Duke's health. 


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