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Royal Family Tearfully Mourns Loss Of Dearly Beloved Member. As They Utter Final Goodbyes, Many Wonder Just What The Future Will Hold For Them

May 29, 2018

Losing a member of the family is never easy. A death, whether expected or not, can take a mental and emotional toll on everyone, leaving them with severe heartache and grief. It’s said that only time will heal wounds, but that seems to rarely be the case.

A loss is something that you never fully heal from, but you must learn to readjust your life now that the loved one has passed. The help of a close support system, such as dear friends and family, definitely make the grieving process more bearable, giving you the comfort you need in this devastating time in your life.

The British royal family was recently struck with heartache as they mourn the loss of a dear one. Though he was not technically family, he was treated as such and his loss has certainly left a hole in the hearts of those that occupied the palace walls.

At the age of 79, Brigadier Sir Miles Hunt-Davis took his final breath on earth. He was not as popularized as some that were near to the family but his impact will forever be remembered. His long-standing relationship with the Duke of Edinburgh made him a legend in the palace.

Sir Miles was Prince Philip’s right-hand man for nineteen years, serving as his former Private Secretary. He first took his position as Assistant Private Secretary in 1991 but was quickly promoted just two years following.


Prince Philip thought so highly of him that he even insisted he and his wife, Gay, live in Nottingham Cottage. This is now the home of Prince Harry and his bride, Meghan Markle. This act, alone, showed just how much Prince Philip trusted and cared for him.

Sir Miles was tactfully selected to join in with the royal family in the Way Ahead Group. This group plans all the activities that the family does and it helps them keep a good standing appearance in the eye of the public.


His work with Prince Philip and the entire royal family certainly did not go unnoticed and he was an integral part of their day to day lives until his retirement in 2010.

Sir Miles leaves behind a wife, Gay, and three children. Though he is no longer with them, his long hours, diligent work ethic, and dear friendship the Prince will never be forgotten.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family during this time as they mourn his loss.


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