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Royal Fans Gasp In Horror When Camilla and Prince Charles’ First Conversation Is Leaked; Her Evil Plan Was More Than 100 Years In The Making

July 26, 2018

In the 1980’s, the world fell in love with Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. The future King of England had found his bride and their love was thrilling the entire world. After the most iconic wedding in history, Prince Charles and Princess Diana continued to captivate the world with their seemingly fairytale life.

However, it was quickly discovered that their relationship was far from a fairytale; it was riddled with lies, disease, loneliness, and affairs. The world’s most adored couple was quickly concerning their fans; could the most iconic couple in the world be headed for a breakup? After 15 years of hiding avoid the breakdown of their marriage, Charles and Diana finally divorced in 1996.

While there are several theories about why the couple divorced, the most common theory is that the marriage was bound to end as long as one individual remained apart of it: Camilla Parker Bowles.

Camilla Parker Bowles was a friend of Prince Charles before he met Diana. The two are even believed to have dated prior to Prince Charles meeting Diana. Less than three years after Charles and Diana married, Charles and Camilla started up a secret affair. The affair lasted for over a decade; Diana remembers her marriage to Charles as “crowded with three people.”

In a YouTube documentary called Royal Stories: Camilla Parker Bowles, the origin of Charles and Camilla’s affair is revealed long before Charles even met Diana. Camilla and Charles met at a polo match. It was during Camilla’s first interaction with Prince Charles that she brought up the bold and disrespectful topic of royal mistresses. It is believed that during that risqué conversation that Charles was captivated by Camilla.

Camilla shared that her great-grandmother, Alice Keppel, had had an affair with Charles’ great-great-grandfather, King Edward VII. Many believe that Camilla inherited the role of a royal mistress with her great-grandmother’s reputation.

In fact, Camilla’s ancestors reveled in Alice's part as a royal mistress, especially after considering that Camilla's grandma Sonia might have been of royal blood (Alice is believed to have conceived Sonia with King Edward). Young Camilla was said to be "in awe" of her great-grandmother from an early age.

Author of several pieces about Camilla and her great-grandmother’s mistress role shared, “Camilla saw how you could be a successful support to someone in an exposed public position. She learned a great deal from [Alice], and was able to enact it for herself.” Clearly, it was her mission to become a royal mistress from the very beginning.

Now, Camilla is married to Prince Charles and will likely be Queen. Her efforts, while far from honorable, got her exactly what she wanted. Share what you think in the comments.


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