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After Months Of Speculation, Harry And Meghan Finally Break Their Silence, Leaving Hysterical Fans Begging For More

July 27, 2018

Ever since the world first caught wind of the romance between Prince Harry of Britain and American actress Meghan Markle, the appetite for news on their private life has taken over as the number one subject of not only the press but also of all platforms of social media.

We just can't seem to get enough of the charismatic duo, and we never get tired of seeing what Meghan is wearing or fantasizing about where they went on their honeymoon and dreaming about when they will have their first baby.

In the months leading up to the royal wedding and even in the weeks following, one subject seemed to dominate the hearts and minds of royal followers everywhere. Speculation ran rampant about where the lovebirds would spend their honeymoon.

Hints that it would be in Africa, Namibia specifically, were the first rumblings heard, but that soon changed to ‘confirmations’ that it would, instead, be in Canada.

Dubbed ‘The Royal Retreat” due to its being a favorite holiday destination for many members of the Royal family, the press was certain that Harry and Meghan would settle in at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge’s Outlook Cabin in Alberta, Canada. But, according to a spokesperson for the resort itself, the Royals did NOT vacation there.

So where did the happy couple end up for their romantic getaway? That exact question was posed to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they attended the Young Leaders Awards ceremony at Buckingham Palace earlier this week.

And the question came from a young philanthropist named Mavis Elias who, herself, is from Namibia. She asked the Royals directly if they had visited her homeland for their honeymoon, and Harry is the one who spoke up in response.

His words were brief and less-than-telling. “No, we didn't go to Namibia. I'm not going to say where."

The Duke and Duchess also revealed a clue that Africa is in their future as they spoke with Priscilla Ruzibuka from Rwanda.

“Ms. Ruzibuka, who set up a children’s clothing project which employs women from underprivileged communities, said: ‘We spoke about the fact that they love Rwanda. They said they are looking forward to visiting Rwanda one day.’”

So, even though we STILL don’t know where Harry and Meghan went, we DO know a couple of places they didn’t. Now, it’s just a matter of applying the process of elimination and we’ll be able to arrive at the answer in no time at all! ;-)


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