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Royal Insider Exposes All, Revealing The Truth About What Happened At The Royal Wedding Reception And Telling Secrets The Family Tried To Keep Under Wraps

May 25, 2018

It’s almost been one week since the most highly anticipated event of the century has taken place. Millions of people gathered around their television sets to watch the magnificent royal wedding unfold, and it was just as incredible as we had imagined.

Meghan Markle finally became the bride of her red-headed sweetheart, Prince Harry. I a whirlwind of events, she became the girlfriend, then fiance, and now wife. She made the decision to hang up her acting shoes and jump full-force into the royal lifestyle. With her confidence and charisma, many of the royal family members believe she’s got exactly what it takes to be an integral part of the household.

Meghan and Harry’s wedding day was nothing short of a fairytale. Meghan’s appearance exudes understated elegance and class, the venue was decorated impeccably, and the groom looked as sharp as ever before. It was obvious in their mannerisms and looks that they were over the moon to finally become one.

The press left nothing to the imagination during the ceremony and we all had the exceptional honor of seeing everything perfectly as if we were present for the event. It was an occasion that we will surely remember for the rest of our lives.

After the beautiful ceremony was over, a smaller crowd of select individuals gathered together for the wedding reception. This part of the day was not publicized and was a more intimate time for the family and dearest friends to gather. It has been reported that no photographs could be taken and guests were even asked to leave their phones at the door.

One wedding guest, however, chose to break her silence and spilled the beans on the celebration that took place behind closed doors. One of the bride’s dearest friends who was in attendance, Priyanka Chopra, elaborated on the topic. She took to her Instagram account and gave everyone a snippet of the celebration, saying, “And then she danced the night away…”

Another source stated, “It was a huge dance party, everyone was letting loose and had a blast. Just a fun night and not stuffy at all.” The insider also went on to tell how George Clooney took advantage of the opportunity and took a moment to show off his bartending skills. They said, “George Clooney hopped behind the bar and was mixing drinks for guests.”

Meghan and Harry each took a moment to give a speech where they thanked their friends and family for the outpour of love and support they’ve received during this exciting time in their lives. Though the event was packed with some of the most well-known celebrities, they chose to forego any media attention in hopes of keeping the time a more low-key and enjoyable celebration as they embarked on the adventure of a lifetime together!


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