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Royal Insider Reveals Prince Harry’s True Feelings About The Fiascos Leading Up To The Wedding, And They’re Exactly What You’d Suspect

May 17, 2018

It’s inevitable that when a large event is being planned, there will be an occasional wrinkle or two along the way. When you have a number of moving components, some things overlap or crumble from the pressure of it all.

When it comes to planning a wedding, this can certainly be the case. From the caterer to the florist to the dress designer and everyone in between, there is guaranteed to be a riff in the planning. For a grander wedding, say, the wedding of one of the most prominent royal couples in history, this is absolutely inevitable.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to tie the knot in front of hundreds present and millions watching worldwide. To say that the weeks leading up to the wedding have been smooth sailing for them would be a drastic understatement.

They’ve faced quite a few curveballs thrown their way, and a great deal of stress and drama has spawned from Meghan’s side of the family. Relatives have been up in arms about the wedding itself, causing quite a stir on the internet.

Her father, Thomas Markle Sr., has been in the crossfire lately. It spawned from the staged paparazzi photos he sold to media outlets and then continued to snowball when he suddenly was hospitalized for a much-needed heart surgery.

In lieu of it all, Meghan has to rely on Harry to help her through the chaos. Thankfully, Harry is more than equipped for the task at hand. Just as we had always imagined, he’s a steady support for his future wife, wanting nothing more than to be her protector in time of need.

A close family source elaborated on this. “Harry is super protective over Meghan and isn’t happy unless she is happy. Any time there is or has been negative press about Meghan, he always blows it off and acts as though it’s them two against the world.”

Harry’s bold, protective nature comes from his childhood experiences as he watched his mother and father be raked over the coals during their messy divorce. “Harry just wants to protect Meghan and hs been this way since everything that happened with his mom and how the media treated her,” the source stated.

They finished by saying, “He wants to make things better for her since she is so beside herself.” In a time such as this, this is exactly what we all wanted to hear about the Prince. With a love this strong already, these two are destined for a lifetime of adoration and happiness together. We can’t wait for May 19th to come!


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