Rude Woman Tries To Shame Veteran For Asking For A Discount, But Then Many Step In To Defend The Soldier

October 13, 2017

U.S. Soldiers give up way more than they receive. Being in a family of military personnel, I know the effects the military life has on family members and the service men and women. The least we could do as a country is give them a discount. Well, one young soldier was caught in the line of fire - but not in a war zone - just ordering a meal at a local fast food diner.

In the video, below, you see the man ask for a military discount and is immediately interrupted by a rude woman standing in line behind him. Clearly, this woman knows nothing about the sacrifices military men and women make on a daily basis; a 15% discount is the least they could get for all they do.

You can hear the woman say, " WOW! That is so rude!. All of you think you're so entitled cuz you’re in the military and you deserve all these special privileges." His response is, "It's not a privilege." Watch the video, below, to hear the rest of his response.

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