Runner needs help. Check out who came to her rescue. [VIDEO]

March 30, 2017

I'm a runner. For me, the hardest part is making the choice to go for a run.Once I've laced up the shoes, picked my play list, and hit the gym or the streets... it's game on!!

Now it's all about MIND or MATTER.

Some say running is therapeutic. I agree! Your worries and cares are pushed aside with every step you take.

Whether it's 1 mile or 20 miles, or however many miles you are putting in...

the battle is on to conquer your mind.

It's said that your body can do anything, it's your mind you have to overcome.Well, for a women in Philadelphia, she had pushed her body to it's limits and needed the help of some fellow runners as she approached the finish line.

Three men came to her rescue to make sure she successfully crossed the finish line. 

Watch the video here and cheer her on...



This is what it's all about. People helping people.

I know the work that goes into training for a half-marathon. To get all the way to the end of the race you've worked SO hard for, only to have your legs give out, is heart-breaking.

These men gave up their time to help a women across the finish line.

We applauded you.