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Ruth Evelyn Is Born With No Arms But She Doesn't Let That Stop Her From Making Her Dreams Come True, Including Riding A Bike

October 20, 2017

At times, we all need a little inspiration to help us get through the day or to help us overcome difficult circumstances. Well, for your daily dose of inspiration, look no further than Ruth Evelyn. Little Ruth is a five-year-old girl with a big personality and an enormous love for life. Ruth also has one distinctive physical attribute that sets her apart - she has no arms.

In rearing her, Ruth’s parents do not treat her differently than they would any other child; as far as they are concerned, Ruth is a completely whole and healthy little girl. Because of the confidence that Ruth's parents instilled in her, the little girl refuses any use of prosthetics, no matter how many times people offer them to her.

Ruth has learned how to do everything with her feet, and I really mean everything! From eating and drinking to playing on the playground, nothing seems to stand in Ruth's way. There is one thing, however, that Ruth wants to do but can't seem to figure out how.

In refusing prosthetic arms, Ruth is unable to ride a bike because she has no way to control the handlebars. She obviously cannot expect to use her feet to both pedal and steer the bike, so Ruth is left with few options. Ruth won't take no for answer, however, so her parents look for a way help her. After some searching, Ruth and her parents find the perfect solution.

Ruth's prosthetist designed and created a specialized device for Ruth -  a harness that goes around the girl's back and straps onto the handlebars. The harness not only controls the handlebars with Ruth's body movements, but it also helps Ruth balance as she rides! Ruth is very excited to try out this new invention so, after putting on her helmet, she straps in and sets off on her first bike ride! What a marvelous feeling it must be for her to finally be able to ride a bike, just like all of her friends!

With another goal achieved, Ruth is unstoppable. Even though life handed her a handicap at birth, Ruth is showing the world that nothing is impossible with the right people around you and the right outlook on life! Watch the video, below, to see Ruth's journey for yourself.

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