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Beloved Supreme Court Justice Undergoes Secret And Dangerous Surgery After Discovering Malignant Masses On Lungs

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December 21, 2018

After nearly 25 years in as a Liberal Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s time may be coming to an end.


Ruth, who has become one of the most iconic members of the Supreme Court, suffered a severe fall while working in November 2018. After being rushed to the hospital, it was confirmed that she had broken three ribs.


At 85 years, a fall like the one Ruth suffered is seriously dangerous. It was during her examination that two malignant masses were discovered on her lungs, sending doctors into significant concern. Her health has been in question for several years, and as the oldest member of the Supreme Court, her age has led many to wonder how much longer she will serve in the court.


The Supreme Court confirmed the surgery in a press release on Friday, December 21st, 2018. They confirmed, “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg underwent a pulmonary lobectomy today at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. Two nodules in the lower lobe of her left lung were discovered incidentally during tests performed at George Washington University Hospital to diagnose and treat rib fractures sustained in a fall on November 7th.”


The statement continued: “According to the thoracic surgeon, Valerie W. Rusch, MD, FACS, both nodules removed during surgery were found to be malignant on initial pathology evaluation. Post-surgery, there was no evidence of any remaining disease. Scans performed before surgery indicated no evidence of disease elsewhere in the body.”

As of now, there is no further treatment planned for but the Supreme Court press releases assure the public that Justice Ginsburg will remain in the hospital for the next few days.


After Ruth’s fall, she went home hoping to feel better int he morning. But when she woke, the pain was unbearable, and she traveled to the hospital. According to CNBC, hospital tests show that “she fractured three ribs on her left side and she was admitted for observation and treatment.”

The Supreme Court duty is one that is held for life. Given her declining health in the last ten years, many are wondering if she will retire rather than carry out her duties. However, before her fall, Ruth hired law clerks through 2020. Judging by this, Ruth is planning to carry out her duties until she is at least 87 years old.


As an iconic member in politics, Ruth has gained quite the following. After the court announced her tragic fall, many fans took to social media to pray for Ruth. We hope she is not in too much pain and that she experiences a speedy recovery. Will you pray for her as well?

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