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Saigon Was So Scared Of Being Saved, She Almost Jumped Off The Second Floor

February 02, 2018

When Hope For Paws answered a call about a small dog who had been abandoned, they weren’t prepared for how this rescue would go. Neighbors had called them about the small mix who was sitting outside of the apartment building, crying, for days with no one there to save her.

When Eldad and Loreta, two of the volunteers, arrived on scene they immediately spotted the small tan dog as she first hid behind a car and then raced back into the apartment building. With the help of a neighbor, they were able to block off the stairs when she raced up to them, trapping her on the second floor.

Saigon took in the terrifying situation in front of her and tried to find the best way to escape from who she thought were people looking to harm her. When she stuck her head under the railing, contemplating jumping from the second story, Eldad quickly backed off down the stairs and prayed she would follow.

Saigon retreated down the stairs following Eldad but when he stopped at the bottom, she jumped down from the last few stairs and took off running. As they tried to catch her, Eldad came to the conclusion that she was frightened of the men and so Loreta took the lead on the rescue.

It didn’t take long before Loreta had won over the small dog with her gentle kindness and some delicious cheeseburgers. From there, she was able to slip a leash over Saigon’s head. At first, Saigon balked at the leash but she quickly calmed down.

After a bath and some veterinary care, Cause for SB Paws stepped in to find her a loving family. Nowadays, Saigon spends her time racing around her backyard and being the pup she was always meant to be. Her favorite thing to do is speed around in the luscious grass, enjoying the best life she could ever have hoped for.