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Sarah Ferguson Baffles Thousands By Fueling A Flurry Of Rumors About Rekindled Romance With The Duke Of York, Leaving Many With One Burning Question

May 16, 2018

Once the warmer spring weather hits, it’s certainly cause for celebration. This is the time of year that many try to find as many activities as possible to do outdoors so they can soak up as much of that long-awaited sunshine as possible. Many couples take advantage of the beautiful weather and see it as the perfect opportunity to have a wedding.

The wedding of the decade is right around the corner, and many are eagerly waiting with great anticipation to watch every last moment of it. Prince Harry and his sweetheart, Meghan Markle, will be joined together forever in the sight of all their closest friends, family, and colleagues, along with thousands worldwide. Clearly, they couldn’t have chosen a finer time of year to tie the knot!

As it turns out, it’s not just the Prince and his fiancee that feel the love in the air these days. There are some royals who are dancing on the edge of romance, and it’s all the internet can seem to talk about. One of the main couples causing the biggest stir these days is Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson.

Their relationship is anything but typical and has surely had its ups and downs over the years. When the couple split in 1996 after Fergie’s widespread affair, many thought this was the end of their fairytale romance. Contrary to our beliefs, they sprung up and on again, off again love over a wide span of years.

To this day, the two still share the same living space but have yet to ever remarry. For a time, the couple desired to remarry, but Prince Andrew’s father, Prince Philip, wouldn’t have it. The devastation Fergie brought to their family was irreconcilable in his eyes.

Sarah has made it quite obvious of her interest in the Duke but her continual praises and admirations of him. She often gushes publicly on her Instagram about the father of her children.

These bold professions of adoration just fuel the flurry of comments from readers. Many beg them to remarry, saying they are “meant for each other!” This only urges Fergie on all the more to talk lovingly about her beau. Much to the surprise of many, there has been a great turn of events that might hint at a marriage again after all.

The very second that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s third child, Prince Louis, was born, Prince Andrew gained the privilege of having the choice to remarry Sarah Ferguson. As wild as it may sound, there is a good explanation as to how this little baby changed the game for this couple.

A royal law established in 1772 called the Royal Marriages Act states that the first six individuals in the line of succession to the British throne cannot marry without the king or queen’s consent. Now that Prince Louis is in the world, this bumped Prince Andrew out of sixth in line to seventh. Now, his father’s opinion of his former wife will hold no matter in the decisions they choose to make.

It’s unsure as of now if the two have active plans to marry once more. The loving actions and the adoration over the last twenty years prove there’s still hope for them yet. Do you think they should be able to remarry or should they call it quits and honor Prince Philip’s wishes?


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