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Sarah Ferguson Makes Post To Social Media That Instantly Goes Viral. Once You See Her Words, You’ll Be Instantly Brought To Tears

March 08, 2019

To say that Sarah Ferguson is unpredictable would be a vast understatement.

Her time spent in connection with the British Royal Family has been nothing but ups, downs, and everything else imaginable in-between it all. She’s been seen as the good guy, the bad guy, the loving and devoted mom, and the reason for a massive family scandal.

No matter how you feel about her, she’s made a name for herself and has proven she’s here to stay for the long haul.

Her peculiar relationship with Prince Andrew Duke of York is something that will continue to boggle the minds of royal fans all across the globe. While their family dynamics never have made much sense following the biggest scandal ever, one thing is for certain: family is everything to them.

Fergie has proven that she is devoted and loyal to her friends and family no matter the cost. She’s an advocate for them, cheering each on in their respective strengths and making sure they’re praised and honored for their hard work and high character.

Recently, she took to her Twitter account and made a post that instantly made royal fans worldwide teary-eyed and overcome with emotion.

In honor of National Women’s Day (March 8th), she made a post devoted to the women who inspire her day in and day out.

In the post, she included four pictures: one of her two daughters - Eugenie and Beatrice, one of her mother, one of her friend Carolyn Cotterell, and the one that got the most emotion from her fans - one of Princess Diana.

She captioned the post: “Thinking of some of the strong women who’ve been part of my life - my late mother, my dear, departed friends Diana and Carolyn Cotterell and my fierce, beautiful, loving daughters Beatrice and Eugenie who make me proud every day #InternationalWomensDay #BalanceforBetter”

In this post, she reminded all of her followers that she is and always will be a great advocate for her loved ones, especially on days like today where they deserve the utmost honor and respect.

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