Saving Over 100 Dogs. Discover How One Lady Is Transforming Lives Left and Right!

September 22, 2017

Candice Miller, a canine foster mom, is saving doggie-lives, left and right, and she does it with a willing heart. Whether it be foster puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs, or a momma dog with her pups; she takes in whoever needs her help at the time. Whether she’s caring for a three-day-old puppy who needs bottle feeding, a dog dying of starvation, or a canine facing Euthanasia; she's up for the challenge and does whatever she can to make sure they survive and have a second chance of living a full life.

Spending countless hours with each dog, she pours her heart and soul into these abused and neglected animals. Candice emphasizes, “The dog you see in the shelter is not necessarily by any means the dog you’re gonna have in two to three weeks after you get that dog home.” With tender loving care, their hearts, and whole demeanor completely transform. She paves the way for them to live life to the fullest; which eventually leads to the end-goal of finding them a forever-home.

After taking care of so many precious pups, Candice admits she becomes attached and that the day they leave is truly tough on her. Of course, nobody wants to say goodbye, but knowing healing has taken place in their hearts is very rewarding; it gives her the energy and drive to keep rehabilitating these injured animals. She does, however, adopt a few of her beloved foster dogs; how could she not? She currently has six that she just couldn't let go. This video will show you a beautiful glimpse of what it's like to save lives while becoming a hero to many. Her story and life will touch your heart!

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