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'Scaredy Cat' Finds Itself Stuck In Tree For 3 Days. Man Climbs To Rescue It, But Not Before Turning On His GoPro Camera [VIDEO]

May 25, 2017

It is no secret that cats don't like dogs. While there are a few exceptions, most of the time you can find a cat staying as far away from a dog as possible. Unfortunately, this tabby cat, named Butterfly, got a little too far away from a dog one afternoon and found itself stuck up a tree. 

It was unclear if the dog chased Butterfly or not, but it was clear that the tabby cat wanted nothing to do with the dog. Butterfly ran up a tree to hide, but the cat soon realized it did not know how to get down. So much for being agile, Butterfly was the literal definition of a scaredy cat. 

For 3 days Butterfly stayed in the same spot on the tree.The cat made noises of distress until finally, a man came to save the day. The man was no firefighter but apparently knew enough to climb the tree and get Butterfly to safety. The man wore a GoPro camera and captured the rescue, while he narrated the entire thing. 

WATCH the video below to see the rescue of Butterfly the scaredy cat.  

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