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Scaredy- Cat Horse Gets Spooked By The Most Non Threatening Farm Animal. The Footage Will Make You Roll With Laughter

March 09, 2018

Horses are some of the most mighty and powerful animals that exist. Their size is breathtaking. If you’ve ever seen a horse in person, then you know that their mass is truly something awesome.

Even though horses are strong beyond belief, they still have had the tendency to get scared. Especially when something out of the ordinary pops up.

This horse was truly a prized horse; beautiful, strong, gentle, and well- behaved. One day, her owner was out riding her in the corral. The horse was doing everything it was supposed to; making the right turns, going the right speed, and listening to the commandments of its owner.

After several laps around the corral, the horse made one final turn. But this turn wouldn’t be like the last turn. This turn was about to be a lot more entertaining!

The horse looked ahead and saw something that worried him. Something that he didn’t know. Something that began to frighten him. But even though he was scared, he kept on trotting towards it.

What lied ahead of her actually very harmless; it was a little chicken!

Even though the chicken was very harmless, the owner knew that what was about to happen wouldn’t end smoothly. As the horse got closer, the owner said, “Oh, no!”

The horse put its head down towards the chicken, picked up speed, and jumped up over the chicken and ran off! The chicken was completely unaware that he was a threat to the horse, so when the horse charged towards him, he flapped his wings as quickly as he could and tried to get away.

The owner's mom caught it on camera and they couldn’t help but laugh! The chicken clearly wasn’t a threat the massive horse, but the horse was absolutely terrified. Thankfully, neither animals (or the owner) were hurt! Check out the video below!


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