Scooty Was Hit By A Car And Left To Die, Until One Woman Stepped In To Save Her Life - And Her Heart

December 04, 2017

Scooty is a darling mutt who lives with her adoring owner and foster brother, Shadow, in San Diego, California. Scooty loves to play with her family, and she especially enjoys a good game of soccer! When this playful pup is racing across the field, everyone stops to watch her! She always looks so happy and proud, that no one can help falling in love with her.

Scooty was born a street dog in Mexico, where she scrounged for food among the trash. She survived off the scraps of garbage that people threw away and slept in the bushes to get some sort of protection from the harsh sun and pouring rain. Unfortunately, Scooty's life was about to get a lot worse.

When Scooty was six months old, she was hit by a car. No one stopped to help her, and she was forced to suffer while her injuries healed. Her back legs were broken, and she had to drag herself around by her front legs. She was left with permanent nerve damage and her hips healed incorrectly. By the time someone stepped in to help her, she had huge open wounds on her legs from dragging them on the ground, leaving her with a horrific infection.

Luckily for Scooty, Baja Dog Rescue from Baja, California, stepped in to save her life. They got her set up with veterinarians who helped her heal, and grow to become a loving dog. The only thing missing for her, then, was a family to call her own.

From the first moment her future momma met her gaze, she knew they were meant to be family. It didn’t take long for Scooty to be in her new loving home, getting wonderful love and care. Her momma became an advocate for her, making sure she got everything she needed. When the veterinarians recommended they amputate her left leg, the protective momma refused, saying she wanted to see if they could work on it first. In less than four months, Scooty was able to stand!

Scooty still uses her wheelchair, on occasion, but she can walk and run without it! This brave dog refused to give up even when the odds were stacked against her, and now she’s living the way she was always meant to live. She is a spoiled canine who loves to play with her friends and curl up with her owner after a long day. Their relationship is definitely one of the cutest, and we’re so glad that Scooty ended up with someone who puts in the effort to care for her the best she can!

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