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Secrets From Kate Middleton’s Past Surface Just Days After Welcoming Third Child With William. William’s Response Will Leave You Stunned

May 15, 2018

The Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most well-known women in the world, but she hasn’t always been at the center of fame and power. Before Kate became an official duchess and wife to Prince William, she was the simple girl from the country with a past all of her own.

Born the oldest of three, Kate went on to exclusive boarding schools and universities. Many people assume that the now-adored couple began dating immediately after meeting, but that’s not the case. In fact, Kate was involved with at least three others before finally deciding on Prince William.

Kate’s first serious relationship was a student from Marlborough College named Willem Marx. The two dated and Kate fell in love, one source shared that Willem was her first love. After their breakup, the two remained friends, and Kate even invited Willem to her wedding to Prince William 11 years later!

Kate later transferred to St. Andrews in Fifi in 2001, the same year as Prince William. Only weeks into her first year, she entered into a romantic relationship with a fellow student, Rupert Finch. Rupert and Kate remained quite serious while William kept busy with press and finding his way in school.

While Kate was still dating Rupert, she walked in an exclusive fashion-show fundraiser where she caught William’s attention while she wore a revealing dress. From that moment on, William’s perspective of Kate changed entirely. However, she was still in a serious relationship with Rupert.

After a year-long relationship with Rupert, the couple broke up due to long-distance. That same summer, Kate and William moved into a summer flat together with some friends. The two began secretly dating until paparazzi managed to find them together on a ski trip. From that point on, Kate became a media favorite.

William and Kate dated until 2007. Kate, still in love with William, found herself trying to find happiness again. She started dating Henry Ropner to get over her broken heart. The relationship was short-lived but received massive attention due to Henry being the rebound boyfriend.

Kate and William’s relationship rekindled after the couple came to terms with their love for one another. While William spent nearly 10 years getting to know Kate, he admits that he needed to be in the “right place” before making her his bride. Nevertheless, Kate always remained “the one.”

Kate might have fallen in love with more than one person before Prince William, but in the end, William was her true love. Details from the past mean nothing anymore as the couple married in 2011 and now have three children: George, Charlotte, and Louis.


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