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Seirra and Sebastian Love To Play Hide And Seek. His Desire To Find His Little Girl Will Melt Your Heart

February 20, 2018

Sebastian is giant black Newfoundland who loves nothing more than he loves his little girl, Sierra. Sierra and Sebastian have been the two closest friends ever since they first met. He’s been there to love and protect his little girl, and he would do anything for her. Even when he doesn’t want to listen to his owners, he’s always more than happy to do anything she asks.

One sunny day, Sierra wanted to play hide and seek, but there was no one to play with. Just when she thought she was never going to find her perfect hide and seek friend, she realized she already had the perfect partner for it! Sebastian sat inside with her momma while Sierra ran outside and hid in the yard. When Sierra yelled out that she was ready, Sebastian knew just what to do and off he went.

Sebastian began to search the yard high and low, knowing that she was surely right there. After searching by the pool and her bicycle, she lets out a little “Cheep cheep” to give him a hint. That’s all the clue he needed because, with the help of his trusty nose, he quickly found her curled up on the bench underneath a blanket!