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Service Dog Hilariously Fails When Owner Asks For Her Water Bottle

October 11, 2017

Harlow, a Golden Retriever, has a very crucial job that she not only does with her whole heart but also does it remarkably well - taking care of her disabled mom every single day. She's always ready, willing, and able to serve and help however she can, to make sure the mom's needs are being met. You can tell this cunning canine takes pride in her job and responds immediately whenever given a command. You will be amazed when you see everything she can do and just how accurate she is when asked for something - except for the one thing she gets wrong. But don't worry, she eventually figures it out.

As the owner sits on the couch with Harlow's head in her lap, this service dog is ready to serve and do whatever her mistress asks. For her first request, the woman kindly says, "Get the remote." Harlow, being fully aware of what is wanted, grabs the remote and brings it to the mom. The next thing on the list is a blanket, which she clutches with her mouth and delivers successfully. Being very appreciative of her service dog, the woman makes sure to speak to her kindly while telling her she's a good girl. Harlow makes sure her mom is completely comfortable and content and proceeds to grab both of her slippers.

The mom's final request is for her water bottle. Harlow prances over to the fridge, opens the door and grabs something which we would all assume is the water. As Harlow approaches her mom, she hands her a container of Ranch dressing instead of a water bottle. The mom finds this mix-up hilarious and, of course, begins to laugh. She then asks for the water bottle a second time. This time the dog goes back over to the fridge and successfully brings back the water bottle. What a smart puppy; second try and she figured it out! She even goes back over one final time to close the fridge. The dog is precious, and you can't help but fall in love with her beautiful servant's heart. Enjoy the video!

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