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She Grabs Some Items From The Dollar Tree And Makes The Most Outstanding Fall Decor We've Ever Seen

September 29, 2017

In my opinion, the best way to welcome a new season is by sprucing up your house with festive decor. I become extremely excited at the thought of having cinnamon-vanilla candles filling my rooms with their sweet aroma, hot apple cider bubbling on the stove, and a crackling fire in the fireplace. This combination inspires me to get my craft supplies out and start making warm, seasonally inspired decor for my entire house. My favorite DIY is homemade wreaths. With a handful of supplies, it's easy to create a jaw-dropping door accent that will make your front door the talk of the neighborhood.

This is one of the most stunning wreaths I've seen to date. Head to your local Dollar Tree and make this ASAP! For this cascading wreath, you'll need two foam pumpkins, four foam floral rings, three bags of decorative leaves, a scarecrow pick, natural raffia, decorative ribbon, extra fine glitter, white acrylic paint, tacky glue, a foam brush, a hot glue gun, and white glossy spray paint.

First, take your foam pumpkins and paint them white. After the paint dries completely, add a second coat. While the second coat of paint dries, take your foam rings and your decorative leaves.

Using your hot glue gun, attach the leaves to the top side, making sure that the leaves overlap to cover the foam completely. Continue gluing on the leaves until every inch of the ring is covered.

Once your pumpkins are completely dry, take a sturdy knife and cut each one in half. Spray each half of the pumpkins with a white, glossy spray paint.

Brush some tacky glue on the stem of each pumpkin. Sprinkle copper glitter on the stem until the entire piece is covered. Shake off the excess.

Check out the following page to see the stunning result!

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