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She May Be The Ugliest Rescue Dog You’ve Ever Seen, But What Bridgette Does For Her Mom Makes Her Absolutely Beautiful

February 20, 2018

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, and this has never been truer than with this sweet senior rescue dog, Bridgette. When you get a look at her, you wonder how in the world she ever found a forever home. It was a lucky day, indeed, when one woman looked past Bridgette’s quirky outward appearance to see the beautiful, loving heart that this senior pup kept hidden from the world.

When her mom adopted her at age eight, Bridgette had already lived nearly an entire life, and it wasn’t one that anyone would choose. Her first eight years were spent enduring a horrific existence in a puppy mill. When she became too old to bear any more pups, she was abandoned. Her abandonment was a blessing in disguise; because of this one cruel act, she was finally set free to find a different sort of life.

And was it ever different! When her mom found her at the shelter, she was drawn to Bridgette’s unconventional looks. The fact that she was so homely was the factor that caused her to want to give the sweet girl a home.

But it was not all smooth sailing once she got the pup home. Immediately upon arriving at the apartment, Bridgette made a beeline to the bed and planted herself underneath it and remained there except for the absolutely necessary activities of eating and going potty. She refused to even come out to meet family member and friends. There was no question about it; Bridgette had a severe mistrust of humans.

According to Bridgette’s mom, it took a full two years before the rescue pup was able to trust again. But eventually, the sweet senior dog felt comfortable enough to emerge from her sanctuary and soon began spending every waking moment at her mom’s side.

Now Bridgette spends her days lounging around and hanging out with mom every chance she gets. If mom goes somewhere, Bridgette is sure to go, too.

Although at age 17 she has quite a few medical challenges, just like any other senior she spends a lot of time at the doctors for therapy, examinations, and other treatments that help make her life more enjoyable, including swimming lessons!

And with the recent addition of a new set of wheels, Bridgette gets around like a much younger dog.

With such a dedicated mom, this precious pup is sure to live a long, loving life.

In fact, the next story you read about Bridgette might not be about the world’s ugliest dog, but rather the world’s oldest dog!! If her doting mother has anything to say about, you can bet on it!

To see more about Bridgette’s amazing new life, watch the video, below.

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