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She Never Thought She Would See Him Again!

April 13, 2017

I love my cats and I can't imagine losing one of them, only to see their picture two and half years later on Facebook! Can you imagine the shock you would feel? Surely, you would be hopeful, yet skeptical whether or not it could really be your dearly beloved pet. Well, that is exactly what happened to cat owner Susan Zelitsky. 

The Zelitsky's beloved 16 year old tabbycat named Jimmy went missing one day in September of 2014. 

"He was an indoor cat, but we would let him go out with us to visit the neighbors," Susan told ABC News. "He would stroll around and walk the dog with us. He would go to my neighbors for extra treats, but he always stayed within the boundaries of our house. He’d always come back. But this particular night, he just did not."

After many nights of calling for Jimmy to come home and calling shelters for weeks, the Zelistky's gave up hope and were sure their sweet Jimmy was gone for good. Then, while scrolling on Facebook one day, Susan saw him or what looked like a more tired and worn version of him. She saw the picture on a post about a cat that had been found and taken to West Milford Animal Shelter, which is about 10 miles from where Susan lived. Photo Via Lost West Milford Pets Facebook 

While unsure if it really was her beloved Jimmy, Susan called the shelter and arranged to go and see the cat that looked so much like her beloved lost pet. 

Photo Via Lost West Milford Pets Facebook 

When she approached the cat he walked right up to her and gave her a head butt and a nuzzle, which is how Jimmy had always displayed affection. He had the exact same markings as her Jimmy and she was sure it must be him. 

Youtube Screenshot  Youtube Screenshot

Jimmy is so happy to be back home again and the Zelitsky family is overjoyed to have him back! 

 Youtube screenshot

To hear more of Jimmy and the Zelintsky family's story watch the short video below! 

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