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She Saved This Adorable Baby From Being Slaughtered, But She Never Expected This Friendship To Form!

March 27, 2017

When I saw this story, I just knew that I had to share it! I happen to love all baby animals, but baby cows have always been my favorite! Meet Moonpie! This absolutely adorable calf was rescued from being slaughtered and brought to Janice Wolf at Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas. 

Moonpie, a female baby miniature cow, first arrived when she was only about 6-7 weeks old. Being that she was such a young calf that still needed bottle feedings, it didn't make sense to put her out with the other cows. The weather was stormy and Wolf did not have space in any of her heated buildings, so she brought her into her house. She thought it would be very temporary, but with the crazy weather, it became quite a bit longer.

Don't worry, even though Moonpie has not been with the other cows, she has not been lonely. There are 12 dogs that occupy the house as well. "She accepts them as her buddies," Janice Wolf, the sanctuary's founder, told The Dodo. "Babies like that — they don't know a whole lot about what it's supposed to be, so they kind of just accept things."  Her canine companions even helped "train" Moonpie to wait and go to the bathroom when outside. That is pretty impressive for a cow! The dogs love their calf friend and mother Moonpie as if she were one of their own. they even lick her clean! 





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