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Sheep Causes Hysterical Chaos At Baseball Game

February 09, 2018

When baseball fans arrived to watch the Minor League game between Batavia and State College, they were expecting nothing more than a rousing baseball game! As the game wore on, the game took a turn and became even more interesting!

The mascot for the team was a big brown ram, and he had grown tired of waiting for the game to end! He made a break for it, bursting through the fence and onto the field!

The players watched the large ram, laughing at the antics of the exploring sheep! The grounds crew set out after the escaped little critter, hoping to catch him quickly.

They carefully surrounded him, herding him toward the wall of the field. As they closed in around him, he realized his playful jaunt was quickly coming to an end!

He tried to make another run for it, attempting to spin away from the crew. Luckily, they managed to grab ahold of his horns, and although he fought to get free he had no success!

As he struggled against them, they began to pull him off of the field. They managed to weasel him away, returning him to safety and off of the field!