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Shocking Footage: Escalator Nightmare - The Moment Floor Opens Up And Swallows Unsuspecting Man As Onlookers Gasp In Horror

March 26, 2018

What would you do? You're casually riding a crowded escalator when, without warning, the steps below your feet suddenly disappear, leaving, instead, a gaping hole. Besides being horrified, you would probably be scrambling for something to hold onto to keep from falling into the pit, below.

If you're like the man in the video, below, you would try with all your might to hang onto the railing.

But, unless you possess superhuman strength, you would most likely end up like he did, falling far below where he was once standing, riding the escalator from below instead of from atop the steps.

After he falls, other riders follow, being thrust along like so much baggage.

The "star" of the show, Mehmet Ali Erik, reportedly remained trapped under the moving stairs for an hour, before rescuers could free him from his dungeon.

The shocking footage was captured on February 22, but only recently came to light. The accident occurred at the Ayazaga Metro station in Istanbul, Turkey, where busy commuters were hurrying to catch their next train.

According to The Daily Star, "An ambulance then took him to hospital, where he received treatment for minor injuries.

"Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality had reportedly put up a warning sign near the broken escalator before the accident occurred — but it failed to prevent people from using it."

So, it was broken, authorities put up a sign warning people not to use it, yet they used it and it collapsed, trapping one victim and injuring others. Sounds like a clearcut case of neglect by the owners.

In this day-and-age of no personal responsibility, there is sure to be a lawsuit and huge settlement in the case. Sounds about right to me!!

To see the incident as it was taking place, watch the video, below.


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