Silas Has A Rare Disorder That Affects His Joints And Muscles, But He Is Proving Doctors Wrong Every Day With His Unbeatable Spirit

October 16, 2017

There are certain people in life that we can always look to for inspiration. This could be anyone -  from a parent who has always been there for us, to a celebrity who is striving to do good in the world. For me, some of the most profound inspiration comes from the smallest of people. Take Silas, for instance. Silas is a tough little four-year-old who is a constant inspiration for everyone who meets him, despite the difficult circumstances he lives with every day.

From the time Silas was born, the little fighter has been dealt blows from all sides. Because of the disease that Silas suffers from, doctors told his parents that he would not survive his time in utero but, miraculously, Silas did just that. Silas' disease affects his muscles and joints, so the doctors were convinced that Silas would not survive past a couple of days, at best. Wrong again! Silas defied the odds and not only lived but began to thrive.

One of the latest diagnoses from doctors is that Silas will never walk under his own power. Silas, however, simply refuses to take any diagnosis to heart, and is currently learning how to walk with the help of physical therapy and specialized wheelchairs. Silas keeps a smile on his face and giggles uncontrollably most days because, in his eyes, there is nothing wrong with him in the slightest.

Silas aspires to be like the superheroes he idolizes. He wants to be as "strong as Batman and Superman combined" and as fast as The Flash. Silas may revere some great comic book characters, but one thing is for certain - Silas, the resilient young fighter, is the true superhero! Watch the video, below, to witness this amazing young man’s fighting spirit, for yourself.

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