Simon Cowell May Seem Quite Harsh, But He’s So Sweet He Paid Over $225,000 So One Girl Could Learn To Dance Again

December 30, 2017

Simon Cowell is widely known for being a prickly and harsh judge of people. He has worked on a wide variety of shows, from "Britain’s Got Talent" to "American Idol" and "X Factor." What most people don’t know about this stern man is that he also happens to have a very well-hidden heart of gold!

When the 2017 "Britain’s Got Talent" show kicked off with a bang, it was clear from the start that there was a group ready to win over the hearts of the audience. From the first moment that the MerseyGirls dance troupe took the stage, the audience absolutely adored their moves! While most of the judges didn’t immediately agree, judge Alesha Dixon knew they were destined to be stars and used her only Golden Buzzer on them!

One of the dancers from MerseyGirls, is the lovely and friendly Julia Carlile. During the audition, Julia told the judges some rather shocking information. She was born with Scoliosis and that this would be one of her final chances to dance. Her Scoliosis was becoming harder and harder to deal with, and she was in desperate need of surgery. Unfortunately, the only surgery available to her was going to leave her unable to dance for the rest of her life.

When Simon Cowell heard about the surgery, he knew he wanted to help out however he could. Julia mentioned that there was a surgery that could be done in the United States that would fix her Scoliosis and still allow her to dance, but it was way too expensive. Simon then offered to pay for the $233,000 surgery!

After the competition, she flew to the United States and got the surgery she so desperately needed. Within nine days of her surgery, she was up and dancing again, although very slowly. She’s definitely got a long dancing career ahead of her, all thanks to the caring attitude of one rather tough judge. Although MerseyGirls didn’t win "Britain’s Got Talent," they won something even better, the chance to dance together for years to come.