Single Mother Gets Caught Shoplifting, When This Cops Steps In You'll Be Left In Tears

August 01, 2017

Single mothers tend to have a notoriously tough time supporting their families. A mother in Laurel, Maryland was struggling greatly with money and made the tough decision to shoplift two packages of diapers for her two year old toddler. The total cost for the diapers she had stolen was $15. A worker at the store caught her stealing and called the police.

Rookie Officer Bennett Johns was the responding officer for the call. As the son of a struggling single mother, Office Johns was very understanding of the situation this mother was in. While he had to issue her a citation for the theft, a misdemeanor, he did not feel right leaving her like that. Instead, Officer Johns bought the diapers for her son himself.

Police tend to have a negative reputation in today’s age, and their only deeds that go widely public tend to be the negative ones. Thankfully, a bystander was able to record this incident and share it with the world so this amazingly kind officer can get the positive recognition he deserves.

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