Skateboarding Cat Boomer Tries To Break His Own World Record! Watch And Be Amazed

October 04, 2017

Have you ever thought of attempting to break a Guinness World Record? It takes a lot of planning and practice for most people and there are many different records that you could try to break. Boomer, the talented Bengal from Australia, has an extraordinary skill that not many cats possess, and it just might give him a shot at one of those records. 

Boomer is a skateboarder! His owner, a dog trainer, has trained one other cat, Didga, to skateboard as well. Both Didga and Boomer hold records in the famous Guinness Book of World Records. Boomer already holds the prize for “Longest Human Tunnel Travelled By a Skateboarding Cat” at 13 people. Today, he is attempting to surpass that mark by going for a 20-person tunnel! 


Per the rules, to qualify for breaking the record Boomer must push the skateboard himself and gain momentum without any assistance. Will the additional seven people be too much for Boomer or will he triumph like the champ he already is? Watch the video, below, and see for yourself!

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