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Skier Narrowly Escaped Death After Plummeting Down A 60 Foot Ravine In This Heart Stopping Footage

March 05, 2018

Jamie Mullner is a 26-year-old video producer and experienced skier who was scouting locations for a new video in Switzerland when his life became endangered. Before he began to ski down a mountainside, he was warned by locals about the ravine, and he knew he had to be careful. Unfortunately, as he headed down the slopes with his brothers, he became disoriented and took a wrong turn, aiming directly at the ravine.

By the time he realized it was too late, he was plummeting down the crevasse, bouncing off ledges and praying that he would make it through another day. When he finally hit the bottom 60 feet later, he lay there, stunned for a moment before reaching for his walkie-talkie. He was able to contact his brother who had stopped at the top of the crevasse, who called for help!

When rescuers arrived, they hauled him up and to safety, and were astounded when they found out that he fell all the way to the bottom. When they got him to a hospital, they were amazed when they realized the shape he was in. He suffered no injuries from his insane fall, not even a single broken bone. He certainly dodged a bullet that day, and we can’t imagine how lucky he must feel.