Small Homeless Dog Was Too Afraid To Be Touched By Rescuers, Her Incredible Transformation Later Melted The Hearts Of Everyone

August 24, 2017

It is widely known that dogs have a capacity for unconditional love that is unrivaled by any other beings on the planet. Dogs have a way of teaching us what love is all about through the way they genuinely trust and care for the people and other animals around them. Some dogs, however, are dealt rougher hands than others and it can be difficult for them to trust as easily as other dogs do. This was certainly the case for a tiny dog named Bellanca, who lived alone on the streets of California for a long time.

Eldad and his team at Hope For Paws, received a call one afternoon about Bellanca, who was roaming the streets, alone, near the LA airport. Eldad and his team immediately went in search of the poor pup and soon caught a glimpse of her, running across the street, through traffic, and into a parking lot near the road. Eldad and his team tried to lure the dog over with food but Bellanca was so scared that she would not approach the rescuers.

Eldad and his team thought they could catch the pup easily with one of their traps that they had used hundreds of times before so they set the trap and waited until evening. Bellanca, however, proved to be a bit smarter than the team gave her credit for and went around the trap and escaped. Eldad decided he would come back the next day with a new plan.

The next day, Eldad and his team returned with one of their dogs that they had rescued before named Sephora. The team thought that the presence of another small dog might help Bellanca engage with them but they were mistaken. Apparently, Bellanca had trust issues with anything and anyone. Eldad was frustrated but he refused to give up and was determined to give Bellanca a better life.

For seven days, Eldad and his team tried to rescue Bellanca, and for seven days, Bellanca refused to let them help her. Finally, Eldad received a helpful call from a man who knew where Bellanca slept. Eldad and his team found the spot, which was a fenced in area with overgrown shrubbery everywhere, and set to work on making sure Bellanca could not get away from them. Once they blocked all of the openings into the area, Eldad and his team started looking for the dog. It did not take them long to find her.

Bellanca darted away from the team and ran into the middle of the lot where the shrubbery was densest. Eldad threw caution to the wind and got down on his hands and knees and crawled through the shrubbery toward Bellanca. He found the dog, hiding in a little den she had made. Bellanca was terrified and it broke Eldad's heart to see the dog in such a state. The team was able to get a gentle snare around Bellanca's neck and, slowly but surely, pulled the dog out of her hiding place. Bellanca struggled against her rescuers but as soon as Eldad was able to pet her, Bellanca calmed down slightly. After a few moments of petting, Bellanca seemed to not only trust Eldad, but she seemed to love him because he showed her love for the first time, maybe in her entire life.

The team took Bellanca to their shelter and gave her a nice warm bath which she loved and soon the dog's true personality showed through. She was clean for the first time in forever and Bellanca was soon jumping on and playing with everyone she met. Through the persistence of Eldad and his team and the power of love, Bellanca finally knew what it was like to be safe and cared for. All she needed now was a forever home! Watch the video below to see the entire rescue and Bellanca's amazing transformation.

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