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Sophie Lived In A Tiny Cage With A Broken Leg And Ingrown Harness Until One Rescue Stepped In To Save Her Life

November 14, 2017

Sophie is a gorgeous golden colored pup who lives in upper South Carolina with her doting parents, and her three canine siblings, Izzie Bizzie, Lucky, and Piper. This playful pup spends her days playing with her siblings, and going on long car rides! One of her favorite things of all though happens to be tennis balls! Sophie goes crazy for the wonderful toys, and it’s a good day in her book so long as she’s got one around.

Sophie’s life may now be full of tennis balls, but the first eight months of her life were not only lacking tennis balls but also lacking love and care. You see, Sophie’s current family was not her first family. Her first family not only betrayed their promise to love her, but they abused her every way they could.

When Sophie first went to her original family, things were great at first. They seemed to love her, and they cared for her. As time passed, they grew tired of taking care of their puppy, and she began to suffer. They started feeding her just enough to keep her alive.

They kept Sophie in a tiny carrier that was much too small for her. When her leg was broken, she received no vet care, and her leg healed incorrectly because of the cramped space in the kennel. The crate was so tiny that her back and legs couldn’t develop properly. Even today, Sophie is left with a horrible limp as a reminder of all she endured.

Her owners put a harness on her, and never removed it or loosened it as she grew up. The harness grew tighter and tighter, digging into her skin. It got so bad that it grew into her skin, and they had to surgically remove the harness after she was rescued.

Luckily for Sophie, she was rescued by 4PetSake Animal Rescue from Anderson, South Carolina. After Sophie was rescued, it took her quite a while to overcome the horrible life she’d been forced to endure. Then, she still needed one last thing to help her heal completely - the perfect forever family.

When Sophie’s forever family first laid eyes on her, they knew it was meant to be. They were able to help her move past the horrible neglect and abuse with time, dedication, and a good dose of love. Now, she spends her free time chasing squirrels and tennis balls every chance she gets. She even gets spoiled with a Puppachino every once in awhile! Even though the first eight months of Sophie’s life were something out of a nightmare, the rest is sure to be a dream.

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