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Sophie’s Foster Mom Gave Her Up But Couldn’t Forget Her. That’s Why She Fought To Get Her Back

October 20, 2017

Sophie is a stunning, white Olde English Bulldog who lives with her doting momma in Canada. She loves to go in to work with her mom, and lounge around with her at home. She loves to relax with her feline sibling, and sleep all day. Of course, she’s an active dog when the occasion calls for it - like when a ball comes out to play!

At seven years old, Sophie found herself extremely sick and homeless. Sophie was suffering from Pyometra, mammary masses, and needed a Cruciate Ligament repair. When her previous owners realized how sick Sophie was, they knew they couldn’t afford the veterinary care she so desperately needed, and surrendered her to The Toronto Humane Society.

The Toronto Humane Society placed Sophie with a foster home while she healed from her surgeries. The woman who eventually became Sophie’s momma had agreed to foster the loving dog, and Sophie began to wiggle her way into the woman’s heart. During her fostering time with the precious pup, the woman realized how attached she was growing to Sophie, and how she could see herself keeping Sophie permanently.

Sophie’s foster momma decided she wasn’t quite ready for a dog, though, and made the tough decision to let Sophie go to a different home. After one of her surgeries, Sophie went home with a new foster parent, and that’s when the hole in this momma’s heart began to grow. She missed her sweet, loving dog who had become so ingrained in her heart and soul with so little effort. She hadn’t realized just how hard she had fallen for the sassy pup until she had lost her.

After she’d recognized her mistake, she pleaded with The Toronto Humane Society to allow her to take Sophie back. Since Sophie now had a new foster home, her current foster parents had first-dibs on adopting her if they wanted. She could easily have lost the dog she had come to love so much. It was fortunate for her that the second foster home understood how she felt and was willing to return Sophie to her.

The reunion between Sophie and her momma was so sweet and full of tears because they were truly meant for each other. Sophie’s momma adopted her as soon as The Humane Society allowed her to, and they refuse to be apart now. While their story of adoption is one that could have gone awry, their story doesn’t have just a happy ending; it’s really a happy beginning.

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