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Southwest Airlines Sets Out On An Animal Relief Flight After The Devastation Of Hurricane Harvey! The Outcome Will Leave You In Tears!

September 12, 2017

The devastation from Hurricane Harvey has affected tens of thousands of people and animals in the Houston area. People have been escaping, left and right, trying to find shelter wherever they can. Many animals, however, have been left helpless with no way to find safety, a very unfortunate circumstance. Thank goodness, there are many shelters, organizations, and individuals making a difference during this extremely difficult time.

The sad fact of the matter is, due to the unprecedented devastation of this horrific storm, many shelters and rescues have become extremely over-crowded. When they find themselves in the direct line of Hurricane Harvey, they must evacuate to higher grounds. The question lies, how do you relocate all these powerless animals and where will the final destination be?

Thank goodness for incredible companies and organizations who are willing to spend their money and manpower to help those who are less fortunate and unable to fend for themselves. In this story, Southwest Airlines is partnering with the Helen Woodward Animal Center on an “animal relief flight” where they are taking around 65 animals from Austin and then transporting them on a Southwest flight to San Diego, California.

With careful planning, they load the animals, one-by-one, onto the airplane, positioning every single animal crate in a secure, safe spot. They attend to every single cat and dog, making sure they all have food, water, and unconditional love. They even go the extra mile by including medical personnel on the flight, just in case an animal becomes distressed or needs medical attention.

Due to this incredible teamwork, the flight is successful and they land the plane at their final destination. With smiles on everyone’s faces, they safely unload the animals. The danger they once faced is no longer there. It’s a job well-done by every person involved in this wonderful rescue.

A truly amazing collaboration of people with the same mission in mind: protecting our beloved fur babies and giving them a second chance to live their lives to the fullest. These incredible four-legged creatures touch our lives every single day; I’m glad these two organizations were willing to go the extra mile during such incredible devastation. It’s a rescue like you’ve never seen before!

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