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The Queen And Her Daughter-In-Law Have A Heated Exchange Caught On Camera. The Queen’s Son Had To Step In To Diffuse The Tension

April 05, 2018

On Easter Sunday, an awkward moment was caught on camera and in only a couple days, it’s gone viral.

This moment, between the Queen of Spain Letizia and her mother-in-law, Queen Sofia, was recorded on Sunday after Easter Service and has since been viewed nearly one million times. When you see the footage, it’s clear to see why this video is intriguing.

The footage shows the young Queen standing my as her mother-in-law holds her granddaughters, Princesses Leanor and Sofia, on each side of her. Queen Sofia appears to forcefully grab her granddaughters and pull them towards her. That’s when Queen Sofia approached the trio.

Queen Sofia walks directly in front of the flashing cameras and blocks what could have been a beautiful series of photos. At the same time, Queen Sofia pulls her granddaughters closer. One granddaughter then yanked her grandmother’s arm of her shoulder, but Queen Letizia grabbed her again.


The sight of her mother-in-law pulling the girls closer must have tipped Queen Letizia off because she marched right up her mother-in-law and uttered something unmistakably harsh.

That’s entire exchange was captured on camera. The two queens began arguing with one another and the emotions got so out of that Queen Sofia’s son- a.k.a. Queen Letizia’s husband- had to step in to diffuse the situation that was escalating in front of cameras and other members of the royal family.


Only a couple minutes later, the family was spotted leaving the church when the feud nearly picked back up. Queen Sofia kissed one of her granddaughters on the head when Queen Letizia walked over and immediately wiped it off.

The awkward videos have caused a bit of commotion on social media, with thousands commenting on how awkward the entire exchange appeared.

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