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Sparrow Was In Horrible Shape And In Desperate Need Of A Vet When Rescuers Found Her

February 02, 2018

Hope For Paws is an animal rescue that is always willing to rush out and help dogs however they can. When they received a call about a small dog with a horrible limp who was hiding in an apartment complex, they knew that she needed their help and they jumped into action.

It didn’t take them long to locate the little dog they would name Sparrow, hiding in a back alley. They were able to block off the entrance to the alley with a small gate they brought, and they began a slow approach, unsure of how she would react.

As they approached her, reaching out with a soft voice and the delightful aroma of a cheeseburger, Sparrow was more than happy to come right to them. Her fur was horribly matted and she was walking with a very obvious limp, but she didn’t let any of that stop her from being her sweet and loving self.

At first, she was unsure about letting them leash her but she was willing to let them do it so long as she got to continue eating. As they picked her up, they realized just how bad of shape she was truly in. They quickly raced her off to the veterinarian so that she could get the help she so needed.

At the veterinarian, they discovered she had a large tumor on her ear and that her leg was completely broken. They immediately took her into surgery, where they removed the tumor cleanly and fixed up her leg. Within days of surgery, she adjusted to life as a pet again and was so happy for the love and affection.

With the help of The Forgotten Dog Foundation, it took only a few weeks before Sparrow was adopted by her perfect forever home. Today, she is a healthy and much-loved member of the family who doesn’t worry about where her next meal will be found. Now, she worries only about how to get the best sleeping spot on the bed.