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Staff Can’t Figure Out How A Heavy Container Ended Up In The Middle Of The Parking Lot, Until They Check The Security Camera To Find A Hysterical Accident

March 08, 2018

When contractors arrived at work one morning, they were confused to find one of their large IBC containers in the middle of the lot! The containers are extremely heavy since they hold 1,000 liters of liquid, so they weren’t quite sure how anyone could have moved it without the use of heavy equipment? They began to debate theory after theory before realizing that one of the security cameras was aimed right where it had been left!

They checked the camera, excited to have their curiosity sated, but couldn’t stop laughing when they saw what had been captured! One of the co-workers, Josh, had gone to a Melbourne Cup function the day before and had left his truck in the lot! It had been raining, so he’d run to his vehicle and tried to leave as fast as he could. He hadn’t noticed the IBC container sitting behind his car and had backed into it.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the metal frame around the container had become hooked on the truck! He can’t get the heavy crate off of his vehicle, and so he begins to drive in tight circles as fast as he can in hopes of disconnecting the crate! It took him two minutes to finally dislodge the crate! Poor Josh will never live this accident down, and he was so embarrassed by the whole thing that he even refuses to watch the footage!