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Stars Reveal Royal Wedding Reception Drama After One Major VIP Celebrity Gets Put In His Place By VIP Royal- Now, Everyone Is Utterly Baffled

May 22, 2018

While the 29 million tuned in live the Royal Wedding of the newly crowned Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the late-night reception proved to be an invitation-only event. After major anxiety had by those who missed the reception, secrets from the night have been revealed! Let’s just say- the royal reception did not disappoint- not even a little!

The royal wedding reception was held at the swanky Frogmore House. The guest list ranged from Prince Harry’s royal family members to Meghan’s co-workers and celebrity A-listers. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Serena Williams, Priyanka Chopra, George Clooney, Oprah, and Sarah Ferguson are just some of the stars who celebrated the couple.

With all of the major names in attendance, it’s no surprise that the couple the star-studded evening came with a little bit of drama.

So who were the stars that received that not-so-royal treatment from the royal event? Well, if you guessed Mr. George Clooney- you’re right!

American actor, humanitarian, and friend of Meghan, George Clooney, arrived at Frogmore House eager to make the acquaintance of some of the Royal leading ladies.

At the start of the reception, the VIPs watched as the newlyweds danced their first dance. Very quickly after Meghan danced with her husband, George Clooney tried his luck with the newest member of the Royal Family.

Of course, she was delighted to dance with George! According to sources, the two seemed to enjoy their moment on the dance floor! George seemed to enjoy it quite a bit as he asked the Duchess of Cambridge to dance with him right after! Of course, Kate obliged and danced with the leading actor!

George was having such a wonderful time dancing with the royal leading ladies that he attempted another dance with a third royal: Sarah Ferguson!

As George confidently approached Fergie, she did the one thing that he never expected! She rejected him! That’s right- Fergie snubbed the George Clooney! In front of everyone!


While witnesses threw their heads back in laughter, we can’t help but wonder if George felt a little embarrassed by his very public rejection from Fergie! Surely, she must have been playing with him, as sources shared they shared in dancing later in the evening. Sounds like the party of the century! We can’t wait to hear more about the wild night!


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