Starving Homeless Dog Near Death And Unable To Be Touched. Watch How One Man's Love Transforms This Canine's Heart!

October 04, 2017

Starving and abandoned, this canine is on the brink of death. Not a moment too soon, someone notices her condition and location and immediately sends for help. As the man from Takis Shelter approaches the dog, who is crouching between two trash bins, they notice her emaciated condition. When they see bones protruding, they know this helpless dog needs tender loving care, and soon!. As they get closer and closer, the dog begins to growl. It’s clear that she is terrified of people and probably has never experienced the love of a human in her whole life.

Wanting to give this dog a second chance in life, the rescuer presses onward with patience and persistence. Cautiously looping a rope around the pup’s neck, he slowly leads her into a kennel and transports her back to his shelter where the rehabilitation begins. He decides to stay with this fearful canine for many hours, in hopes of making some sort of progress and, eventually, win her love. Seeing the sad pup hunkering down in the corner of his kennel, growling, and snapping, one would assume all hope is lost, but the rescuer is unwilling to give up. As the man continues to work with her, a miracle happens, and he begins to gain Lena's trust.

After experiencing a warm bed, good food, and lots of love, Lena miraculously begins to transform both emotionally and physically. Once a hopelessly feeble dog, she is now growing stronger every single day, already improving by leaps and bounds. Lena now spends her days running around while playing with other fun-loving canines. With her fear of humans a distant memory, she now spends each day giving sweet kisses and receiving loving attention from people of all kinds. Right when you think this story couldn't have a happier ending, just wait. Thanks to the kind rescuer and his servant's heart, Lena was adopted and now has a loving forever home! It's a beautiful transformation that will leave you utterly amazed!

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