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Beloved Athlete Wakes To Tragic News Of Her 2 Children Being Murdered By Their Father Before Killing Himself; Now Alone, She Desperately Needs Your Prayer

September 24, 2018

On September 21st, 2018, Stephanie Reece’s life turned upside-down in the most catastrophic way.

The American former tennis star was starting her day when she received a phone call from her children’s school confirming that they had not been accounted for. Hoping for a misunderstanding, she called her ex-husband, with whom she shared custody of her children with.


Stephanie’s two children, Harrison, 15, and Shelby, 13, were staying with their father, Michael Hunn. Desperate to learn the whereabouts of her children, she called Michael several times but only got his voicemail.


Knowing that something was not right, Stephanie called the police and asked them to meet her at her ex-husband’s home. What the officer’s walked into was far worse than they could have ever imagined…

The officers discovered Stephanie’s two children fatally shot in their beds while he suffered a self-inflicted shot to his head. It was clear that he killed his two children in their sleep before turning the gun on himself.


The Boone County Sheriff that headed up the investigation was Mike Nielsen. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, he shared his befuddlement in a statement saying, “I can’t even imagine first of all taking anybody’s life and secondly taking my own children’s life. It is unheard of. Clearly, somebody was not in the right state of mind when he pulled that trigger.”


Stephanie and Michael had divorced in 2017 and were believed to be on good enough terms. PEOPLE reveals that they were working on handling the divorce without their children’s involvement and were less than two months short of a year into their first year of a separated family.


PEOPLE also confirmed that Stephanie tried to get Michael’s time with their children shortened. Just a month after their divorce was finalized in December 2017, Stephanie asked if Michael would get “screened with a blood alcohol level monitoring device, which he later agreed to.”


Sheriff Nielsen confirmed that his team was going to work endlessly to understand the senseless double murder/ suicide case of the father and his two teenage children. “We are going to continue the investigation and will dive deep into the history of the family and the divorce proceeding and exactly what happened there,” he says.

This is truly a senseless murder. Now, a mother has lost her two innocent children. With nothing left, she needs your prayers. Please pray that she be comforted during this devastating time.

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