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This Father Takes His Daughter's Baby Doll Shopping And Its For The Sweetest Reason

May 11, 2017


When he walked into the thrift store with a baby doll strapped into a shopping cart, she wondered what in the world was going on. After all, it's not everyday that you see a big burly man strap a plastic doll into a shopping cart. 

That's when Keenan Watkins asked her where the baby clothes were, still confused by the doll, she answered him and then learned the sweet reason that this big, strong man was walking around with a doll in order to buy him clothes. 

Later, the store associate submitted the story below to Love What Matters Facebook page. 


"SO, this guy comes into Goodwill today, he's a big dude. He has tattoos on his neck and arm and even a skull tattoo the size of my entire hand on the back of his head. His name tag says "Punisher" everything about him screams burliness and manliness yet, here he is, at Goodwill with a baby doll strapped safely in the cart as he shops for clothing. When I asked him about it he told me it was his daughter's baby doll named Davey and that she wanted him to have Clothes and socks so he got in his car, and drove here and bought Davey two onesies and then went to Walmart and bought him some socks as well. I couldn't believe how well he treated his daughter's baby doll. It was incredible. I can only imagine how well his daughter is cared for if he's willing to care for her toys this well. I just think amazing parenting like this deserves recognition. This man sucked up all of his pride and went out of his way to clothing shop for a baby doll just to make his little girl happy and if that's not love I don't know what is."

Keenan Watkins happened to see the story on Facebook and gave further details as to why he would so something that embarrassing and it's so incredibly sweet! 

Keenan Watkins: This story is about me. My daughter had asked me before bedtime if I would take her favorite doll(Davey)with me everywhere I went while she was at school the next day. She suggested I get him an outfit, etc. And yes, she also said for me to make sure I put him in a car seat while driving, feed him, everything else a little mommy would want for her baby. I told her I would, and I did. I want my baby girl to know that she can always count on Daddy to tell her the truth, and that I take an active interest in the things she enjoys. I took several pics to show her that I had done everything she asked, but I didn't take this one. A goodwill worker took this and made the original post. I wasn't aware of her post until later in the day. To the people who find me weird, that's fine. I just made my daughter happy. Nothing more, and nothing less. I did end up posting pics of my whole day with Davey, and those kinda tell the days events in order.

Here are a few of the pictures that this awesome dad took to show his adventures with Davey to his daughter. 

Safety first! 

Like a good grandpa he even made sure Davey was fed. 

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