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Tortured Pup, Hung From His Neck And Used As ‘Bait Dog,’ Finds Salvation - His Recovery, Nothing Short Of A Miracle

November 16, 2018

When Stormy was dropped off at Almost Home Animal Haven by Animal Control with lacerations and contusions over much of his body, the rescuers had no idea the extent of his inhumane treatment by his owners. The poor pup was found with three other canines who were all living in deplorable conditions, with evidence of torture all around them.

Once the pups arrived at the Animal Haven and were examined, vets determined that Stormy was most likely used as a 'bait dog.' They drew this horrible conclusion because of the wounds they discovered on the canine's body. “He has gashes where he looks like he was cut with a knife,” said the Animal Haven representative.

“He was chained up in a garage and he was hung up by his neck” she sadly reported, and there were other atrocities not named here.

Animal Control tells ABC News 7 that the owners of the four dogs refused to give them up so they had to be confiscated in order to get them the help that they needed.

Stormy and his three companions will need continued emergency care until they are able to get along on their own. At that time, they will be placed for adoption.

According to iheartdogs, "broken bones, untreated wounds, bound mouths, maggots, undernourishment – these are typical things bait dogs experience."

Dog-baiting is "the setting of game dogs against a chained or confined animal as a bloodsport. The dogs bite and tear to subdue the opposing animal by incapacitating or killing it.

It is illegal in most countries with varying levels of enforcement.” This is what rescuers believe Stormy’s sad life was like.

Thank goodness that Stormy's abhorrent conditions were uncovered and that he was removed from that atrocious situation. He still has a long way to go before he is back to his old self, but at least he now has the chance to have a normal life and to be loved by humans instead of being mistreated.

To learn more about Stormy's rescue and transformation, watch the video, below.


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