Stuffed Animal Is Left Behind At Rest Stop. Soon He Is Taken On An Incredible Journey To Reunite With His Little Owner

October 30, 2017

If you are anything like me, you probably grew up with some sort of stuffed animal. There is something about a cuddly friend that brings a sense of comfort and security to young children - and maybe some older ones, too. For a little boy named John, his favorite stuffed animal, Pup-Pup, is more like a member of the family. So, when Pup-Pup goes missing, one afternoon, John is, understandably, upset.

As soon as he was born, John was given Pup-Pup and, from that time on, the two have been inseparable. John is now four years old and he and Pup Pup are still the best of friends. When his family goes on a road trip, Pup-Pup is right by John's side as they ride in the back-seat of the car. John's parents decide to stop at a gas station to refuel and give everyone a chance to stretch their legs. John takes Pup-Pup with him as he goes to the restroom. This is when things go wrong for Pup-Pup.

John washes his hands and departs from the restroom, but Pup-Pup is not by his side this time. John accidentally leaves Pup-Pup in the restroom, right next to the sink. John doesn't realize that his stuffed best friend is gone and the family drives away from the rest stop, leaving Pup-Pup behind. It isn't until they arrive home that John realizes that Pup-Pup is nowhere to be found and he can't remember where he last saw him.

John is heartbroken because he knows that it would be next-to-impossible to track down his beloved Pup-Pup and accepts that he will probably never see the stuffed animal again. John has no idea, however, that Pup-Pup is safe and sound, in the care of a woman named Katie Hoeppner and her children.

Katie and her kids find Pup-Pup at the rest stop and know that they need to find the stuffed animal’s owner. After asking around the rest area, and finding no one to claim Pup-Pup, Katie determines that the animal has been left behind and needs to find his way back to his rightful owner. Katie knows that whoever lost this cute and cuddly friend must be missing him terribly. Katie sets out on a mission to find the owner, at all costs.

While Katie searches for Pup-Pup’s owner, her children take special care of the stuffed animal. They take Pup-Pup to football games and Starbucks and many other adventures, all the while being careful to document their outings with pictures to share with Pup-Pup's owner when they find him. Katie decides to put a picture of Pup-Pup on Humankind's Facebook page, just to see if anyone knows where Pup-Pup's home is. Pup-Pup's picture goes viral and, sure enough, someone messages Katie, telling her exactly where to send Pup-Pup.

Katie and her children bid farewell to Pup-Pup, carefully pack him away in a box, and send him all the way across the country - back to his home with John. Pup-Pup arrives at the house, and John is informed that there is a package waiting for him at the front door. John takes the box into the living room and opens it. A giant smile breaks across John's face as he sees Pup-Pup staring back at him out of the package! The two friends are reunited, and John makes sure to thank Katie and her kids for returning Pup-Pup to him, safe and sound.

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