Stunning Cat With ‘Two Hearts’ - And Her Sister - Have Stolen Our Hearts And Will Take Yours, Too

November 20, 2017

Cats are such beautiful creatures! It always amazes me how kittens born of the same litter can all be so different in their markings and colors. Zoe and Izzy were the only two Tuxedo kittens in their litter, and both are stunning!

Izzy is black-and-white with an adorably cute pink nose, and Zoe is black-and-white with a black nose and one particularly precious marking on her chest! Apparently, Zoe aspires to be a CareBear one day!

Izzy and Zoe are a British Short-Hair/Tuxedo mix. As Zoe grew, however, she gained the nickname "The Fluff" due to her fur being on the longer side.

When their “paw-rents” first decided to adopt a kitten, they had already chosen Izzy. When they went to pick her up, however, they saw how deeply the sisters loved each other and knew they could not separate them. They noticed the heart on Zoe's chest pretty quickly, but it took others longer to see it.

Zoe and Izzy may be sisters, but they have two very different personalities just as most human siblings do. According to their parents, Izzy is fearless, adventurous, and quite demanding of affection, while Zoe is more cautious, curious, and has a more subtle approach when it comes to wanting love.

Zoe and Izzy are inseparable and are such happy and beautiful cats! The Tuxedo kitty with two hearts - and her sister - have sweetly stolen our hearts!

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