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Style Experts Have Kate Middleton’s Wardrobe Down To A Science. Do You Agree With Their Findings About The Duchess?

February 28, 2018

Kate Middleton is quickly becoming a fashion icon! It’s no wonder why; she’s stunning, classy, and looks wondering in practically everything! After analyzing the young duchess, style guru’s and come up with three findings of the royal leading lady.

Finding 1- Kate always carries a clutch with her. According to the experts at Harper’s Bazaar, Kate carries a clutch to public outings for one very intentional reason: it keeps her hands occupied. Kate can easier hold her clutch in one hand and wave in the other. With at least one hand always busy, she’ll never have to worry about her hands hanging at her side. Pretty smart, I’d say!

Finding 2- Kate never takes off her coat while she’s out. Either it’s really cold or Kate purposefully prefers her coat on her person. While she arrives in her coat, she remains in it; where she is hot or cold, inside or out, if Kate has a coat, she stays in it!

Experts think that Kate remains in her coat because her look is completed with the coat, and if she were to take it off, she would ruin the prepared ensemble. I would say that makes sense!
Finding 3- Kate’s recent choice of blue in her wardrobe might be hinting at a special arrival due in May! With Kate being 7 months pregnant and wearing blue to event after event, we can’t help but wonder if The Duchess is expecting a boy!

While that’s just speculation, it wouldn’t be far-fetched!! Kate and William are purposefully keeping the gender private, so she might be purposely wearing clothes to toy with fans!

What do you think? Are these findings of The Duchess of Cambridge totally crazy, or do they have some weight to them! We would love to know your thoughts so share it in the comments!


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